B1005 The Nature of Grief: Healing & Honoring the Seasons of Loss


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Would you like some new ideas and a fresh new look for your social workers and chaplains to hand out? Hospices, health centers, funeral homes, support groups, churches and spiritual centers, grief professionals, home care agencies, and more are using The Nature of Grief: Healing and Honoring the Seasons of Loss to educate and comfort those who are grieving and in your professional care.

This little booklet is not just information, but affirmation and comfort delivered to your clients in a soothing, gentle manner using the nature metaphor of the changing seasons to understand the four tasks of grief and how we move through them. A touchstone for the bereaved, inclusive for men or women, this booklet details what is normal, natural and necessary in the grieving process. The use of nature metaphors is a universal, non-threatening way to help everyone relate to and understand the grief experience.

Increase your bereavement response by providing this unique, up-to-date resource. Use The Nature of Grief: Healing and Honoring the Seasons of Loss to address restlessness, sadness, anxiety, spiritual questions, anger, and confusion. Many call our booklet the “What to Expect” of grieving. Informative, gentle, and real, this book is a wonderful tool to introduce in your opening bereavement packet or to leave after your visit or session is over.